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2MP Network Dome Camera

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 2MP Network Dome Camera


VT-IR7220A is a day/night 20x optical zoom, 2 megapixel HD camera with 3D positioning capability. Driven by a precision motor, the camera offers sensitive response and smooth operation, with accuracy of less than 0.1° deviation. The image is jitter-free even when running at a high speed and a high definition image can be captured while zooming. The camera, which integrates our independently developed 3A algorithms (auto exposure, auto focus, and auto white balance), is able to adapt to a variety of ambient light conditions and provides high definition images and real colors. Based on leading H.264 high profile video compression technology, the camera consumes 30% less bandwidth and storage space than common code with the same image quality, alleviating conflicts bandwidth bottleneck for HD video transmission and storage.


Main Features 

◆ Imaging

  • 3A software with proprietary algorithms, able to solve problems such as color deviation in multi-light-source environments and focus interference from vehicle headlights;
  • Wide optical high-dynamic technique effectively eliminates the effects of vehicle light; manual shutter technique ensures high-quality images of moving vehicles.

◆ Video Output

  • Supports 1080P/960P/720P/D1/VGA/CIF/QVGA; uses H.264 high profile 5.0 video compression technique to reduce bandwidth and storage space 30% when compared to other techniques with the same image quality;
  • Achieves 1080P/60fps while maintaining good image quality, available for 2Mps network transmission.

◆ Network Characteristics

  • Adaptive technique adjusts the video transmission frame rate automatically and supports ONVIF and GB/T28181 protocols.

◆ Core Functions

  • Supports auto iris, automatic shutter speed, ICR filter switching, adapts to various surveillance environments, capable of rapid and accurate focusing;
  • 3D positioning and more rapid and accurate focusing facilitates location of vehicles; automatic focal length tracking ensures the sharpness of the image as the camera zooms;
  • Uses nighttime light sensor which can capture and identifies vehicle images without additional lighting equipment even while zooming.

◆ PTZ Functions

  • Capable of capturing video at 256 preset positions ;
  • Surveillance capacity, capable of scanning preset points, with option to select scan mode and can stay in idle state with auto-alerts at specified times.

◆ Process Characteristics

  • The main CPU Chip is based on 45nm technology featuring low power consumption; overall power consumption <8W with camera inactive (<20W with camera activated);
  • Nano glass keeps dust off the lens; heat conducting alloy housing and air cooling fan cool the operating unit;


Technical Parameters