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Intelligent Control Terminal

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Intelligent Control Terminal 


VT-N5104-4L, developed independently by BVT, is the industry’s first intelligent control terminal based on parallel GPU accelerated computing up to 300 GFLOPS enabled by 196 high speed computing cores and 2.3GHz high performance processor. The system adopts 28nm technology to reduce power consumption, and it is less than 20W with four hard disks. Available for use either as a storage cell for data of captured violation, check point and video or as a capture and detection unit of parking violation, and integrating video and data management and video/audio decoding, the system is a powerful integrated traffic processing terminal characterized by impact structure, low power consumption and high processing capacity.

Main Features

  • 2.3GHz high performance embedded parallel processor with a computing capacity up to 300 GFLOPS and capable of storing video recording of 12 HD cameras or analyzing parking violation of 2 dome cameras;
  • Embedded Linux OS equipped with surveillance hard disk and available for stable operation for 24 hours a day 7 days a week;
  • H.264 video storage and forwarding of varied resolutions such as 1080P, 720P and CIF, and supporting ONVIF and GB/T28181stadnard protocols;
  • USB 3.0 with full transmission rate up to 500MB/s;
  • Supporting LED display (system time, CPU temperature, company logo and other important information);
  • Ultra low power consumption, less than 5W with no hard disk mounted and up to 20W power consumption with 4 hard disks mounted;
  • Voice broadcasting function supporting artificial voice and preset voice broadcasting;
  • Supporting conversion of serial port signal of traffic signal controller into network signal;
  • Supporting output and action with alarm (e.g. rack alarm linkage);
  • Matching and synthesis of red-light running data of two successive cameras as set forth in GA/T 496-2014 standard;
  • Available for vehicle logo identification, body color identification, seat belt detection, face detection and dome camera parking violation analysis;
  • Supporting analysis and storage for speed check point system, integrated traffic violation surveillance system, and dome camera parking violation system;
  • Counting vehicle flow and feeding such information to the annunciator.


Technical Parameters