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People Flow Counting Camera

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People Flow Counting Camera



VT-CAM-01 people flow counting camera developed independently by BVT is a concealed analog camera specially designed for the purpose of acquiring video for people flow counting. The camera is characterized by impact structure, concealed style and easy installation. Patented concealed style appearance design allows the camera to be embedded in indoor top for providing the consistent appearance and avoiding poor appearance resulting from exposed installation. The system, featuring low power consumption, low fault rate, high stability and long service life, is suitable for front-end video acquisition for a wide range of scenarios including malls, tourist attractions and chain stores.

Main Features

  • High performance CMOS sensor;
  • Bright color and high resolution up to 500TVL providing clear and exquisite images;
  • Supporting low illumination level, with minimum illumination up to 0.01Lux (F1.2, AGC ON) in color mode;
  • Very low power consumption, with maximum power consumption of the system less than 0.5W;
  • Built-in prime lens easy for installation as a whole;
  • Supporting embedded installation; shrapnel construction for screw-free installation.
  • Fully enclosed design meeting IP65 standard;
  • Vibration and shock resistance, low fault rate, high stability and long service life;
  • Compact structure, small footprint, and concealed installation;
  • Counting entering/leaving people flow accurately in combination with intelligent people flow analyzer.



             strong light                           dense people flow                     typical scenario