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Smart Video Analysis Box

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Smart Video Analysis Box

VT-B2081A-PP, developed independently by BVT, is the industry’s first high performance embedded intelligent video analysis terminal that supports GPU accelerated computing and counts and analyzes shopping traffic based on both SD analog signal and HD web-based digital signal. By virtue of 300GFLOPS computing power’s processor and leading machine learning algorithm, and patented computer vision technology modeled on pedestrian, it effectively improves the accuracy of intelligent video analysis . Specialized intelligent detection, abundant peripheral extended interface, unique hardware construction and patented appearance design provides the system with high adaptability and stability and allows the system to be deployed flexibly in weak current well, machine room or other locations across different fields including commercial real estate, tourist attractions and chain stores for counting number of people entering/exiting accesses of passages, local shopping traffic, and entering rate, among others.

Main Features

  • Embedded Linux OS which is stable and anti-virus;
  • Supporting GPU accelerated computing enables computing power up to 300 GFLOPS;
  • Algorithm based on deep learning increases intelligent video analysis accuracy significantly to 97.5%, taking the lead in the industry;
  • Supporting 8-channel analog video inputs/8-channel SD digital video accesses/2-channel HD digital video traffic counting and analysis;
  • Supporting multiple indicators that indicate real-time operating state of channels;
  • Supporting dual gigabit Ethernet port and realizing network load balancing;
  • Supporting 2.5” hard disk expanded storage;
  • Supporting USB3.0 interface for data transmission;
  • Supporting multiple alarm inputs/outputs;
  • Supporting voice intercom interface and enabling two-way intercom;
  • Supporting resumed uploading after interruption which enables automatic uploading after the network is reconnected;
  • Hardware watchdog, low power consumption, low fault rate, long service life.



Crowd             Streams in wide area           Strong illumination                   Face recognition


Technical Parameters