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Smart People Counting Camera

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Smart People Counting Camera


The people counting smart camera that integrates image capture, traffic analysis, and web-based data transmission is independently developed by BVT. By virtue of computer vision technology based on pedestrian model and industry-leading traffic statistical accuracy, the camera can be used to count, among others, number of people entering/exiting accesses of passage, local traffic and rate of entrance. Patented and concealed appearance design allows the camera to be embedded in indoor top for providing the consistent appearance and avoiding poor appearance resulting from exposed installation. Patented technologies, including shrapnel type self-locking mechanism, heat sink, and POE power supply endows the system with characteristics including easy installation, rapid heat dissipation, low power consumption, and low fault rate and renders the system suitable for front-end video acquisition for a wide range of scenarios including malls, tourist attractions and chain stores.

 Main features 

  • Integrating image capture, people counting and analysis and data transmission;

  • Machine vision technology based on pedestrian model achieves accuracy at or above 97.5%;

  • Supporting power supply in POE or 12V DC mode;

  • Ability to store data for more than 2 years at front-end and supporting resumed uploading after interruption;

  • Low power consumption, with the maximum power consumption of the system less than 4W;

  • Supporting H.264 real-time video transmission, embedded database and Web service;

  • Auto restart after power or network failure;

  • Embedded kernel, embedded OS free from virus interference, equipped with watchdog, avoiding crash;

  • Aluminum housing allows better heat dissipation, and fully enclosed design protecting the system against dust;

  • Concealed installation and design ensures atheistic appearance; shrapnel construction for screw-free installation.





 strong illumination                 typical scenario                    Indoor vertical installation 



Technical Parameters