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12 Megapixels’ Smart Network Camera

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12 Megapixels Smart Network Camera



VT-S312, developed independently by BVT, is the industry’s first high performance smart web camera that supports GPU accelerated computing and 12 megapixel image and video analysis. By virtue of 300GFLOPS computing power’s processor and leading machine learning algorithm improves the accuracy of smart video analysis significantly. Strong ability to compute and patented multi-screen intelligent detection algorithm provides various capabilities including face recognition, gender and age analysis, perimeter monitoring, violence activities and chasing detection and masking detection. Multimodal fusion algorithm is used to sense environment. The product can be widely used in a variety of scenarios including intelligent transportation system (ITS), business intelligence (BI), intelligent video surveillance, and ATM monitoring.


Main Features

  • Embedded Linux OS which is stable and anti-virus;
  • Four-core CPU, 192x GPU cores, 1.9GHz ;
  • The first smart web camera that supports parallel GPU accelerated computing in the industry;
  • Algorithm based on deep learning improves intelligent video analysis accuracy significantly;
  • Supporting real-time processing of 12 megapixel ultra-HD video image;
  • 1xUSD3.0, dual Micro SD card slots;
  • Supporting HD-SDI digital video output;
  • Supporting voice intercom and two-way intercom;
  • Supporting wifi/3G/4G wireless network surveillance;
  • Supporting GPS;
  • Supporting multiple GPIOs and meeting a variety of applications;
  • Supporting gravimeter, magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, digital compass and temperature sensor;
  • Supporting face recognition, age and gender analysis, perimeter monitoring, masking detection, violence activities and other intelligent video analyses.




Technical Parameters