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BVT was listed in 100 “Future Star” Enterprises 2014 by China Entrepreneur
Author: Release date:2015-04-11 Hits:2291

The list of “Future Starts of the 21st Century – the Fastest-Growing Emerging Enterprises 2014” selected by China Entrepreneur and China Institute for Entrepreneurs was published in June 2014. VionTech was shortlisted, together with iQIYI and Meitu, in 100 Future Star enterprises 2014 and ranked first in computer vision segment. VionTech was included in the list for the second time in two years and was ranked 68th and 25th respectively. This indicates that the recognition of VionTech and its future growth by capital market and business community, and suggests the trends of the Internet of Things resulting from the integration of Internet with sensor, intelligent identification and similar techniques.


Future Star

-      The Fastest-Growing Emerging Enterprises 2014

The “Future Starts of the 21st Century” selection activity hosted by China Entrepreneur, one of the most trusted and influential domestic business magazines, has been held for 14 successive years since 2001 for allowing excellent new players in the business community to stand out from the rest. It has become the most prestigious selection of fast-growing start-ups that suggests future trends to a certain extent.

Each election of “Future Starts of the 21st Century” is considered a search of “baby shark” in the sea of the business community of China and survey of candidate enterprises each year indicates the transition of rising industry. The finalists are businesses having great growth potential and industry leaders of tomorrow. Baidu, Tencent, 360 and Xiaomi out of previous finalists have grown into “sharks” of respective sectors. Inclusion in “Future Stars 2014” acknowledges VionTech’s accomplishments and reflects the confidence of the judging panel and pubic in computer vision. This will be a driver of application and development of intelligent identification technology for the company and the industry.