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 Vion Technology Inc. founded in 2005 and located in Zhongguancun Science Park, is a hi-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission and specializing in the research and development of core algorithms and products of artificial intelligence. With our founder known as an expert in the computer vision and AI field, a strong R&D team composed of doctors and masters from institutions including Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and top international partners, VionTech has developed a series of core algorithms of image recognition, high performance AI hardware platforms and industry-customized intelligent solutions independently.

   Corporate Culture

Values – Learning, Innovation, Giving

Learning is the source of creation and the joy of life. Learning enables us to be expert of a new field and push the edge of the field. We all need to learn new things, regardless of our duty of R&D, marketing or management. We urge our employees to learn knowledge and demand from our customers and key to success from our counterparts for continuous improvement. It is an ongoing target-setting and learning process to achieve success!

Innovation is the purpose and core competence of VionTech. The only way to keep vitalized and move forward in today’s world full of fierce competition is to develop new products continuously. Innovation is to meet customer demand rather than indulge in fantasies. It is to solve problems which could not be solved previously and minimize the cost of solving problems.

Contribution is to let our products benefit the community. VionTech seeks to provide our best technology, products and services to all industries we are involved and create value for society. Our products are the embodiment of our painstaking effort and compassion. Serving society and the people every day is our contribution and our value as a scientist.


A strong technical team – the founder, “overseas high-level talent and distinguished expert of Beijing”, a strong R&D team composed of doctors and masters from institutions including Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and top international partners;

Intellectual property –independently developing all core algorithms of AI with independent IPR from the underlying layer, with ability to continuously innovate, and taking the lead in launching new products

Defined strategy – focusing on the R&D of core products of AI, with defined strategy for all products from algorithm to system software and one-piece hardware device

  Results of Innovation

In 2005, we independently developed the leading license plate recognition system which has been improved and maintaining a leading position;

In 2006, we launched the video quality diagnostic system at China Public Security Exhibition that filled gap in Chinese market;

In 2006, we were the first to launch the SD red-light running e-police system triggered by pure video which won a contract of Beijing Traffic Management Bureau and has been extensively used throughout the city;

In 2008, we launched China’s first human modeling based video people counting system to count people with laterally installed camera, which has been widely used today;

In 2008, we successfully developed China’s first intelligent video surveillance system that detects violdence, chasing, night haunting and other abnormal behaviors;

In 2008, we worked out the concept and product of auxiliary check point and promoted them in Shenzhen and other places;

In 2010, we successfully developed the 5 megapixel e-police system, first-of-its-kind in China, which captures a wide range of wrong lane violations and has been extensively deployed in Beijing;

In 2010, we successfully developed the 2 megapixel mobile intelligent bus capture system which is the first of its kind in China and has been extensively used in Beijing;

In 2010, we successfully developed China’s first solar powered, 3G wireless transmission, fixed 2 megapixel capture system which captures behaviors in violation of traffic rules, including emergency lane violation, bus lane violation, queue-jumping at expressway access, and wrong direction violation;

In 2012, we started the large-scale application of on-board bus lane enforcement system;

In 2013, we successfully developed the world’s smallest people counting camera which integrates image recognition and people counting, supports WiFi and POE and has been popularized in Beijing;

In 2014, we developed China’s first face recognition system based on age, gender and other face attributes.

  Examples of Innovation

VionTech has been appointed as the member of annual communication committee of National Security Alarm System Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC100) for years;

VionTech has been ISO9001 certified and our products are determined to be up to standard by the National Application Software Testing Labs or Testing Center for Quality of Security & Police Electronic Products, Ministry of Public Security;

We have participated in the development of Technical Requirements for Real Time Intelligent Video Analysis Devices in Surveillance System and many other national standards concerning video monitoring;

We were funded by MOST Technology Innovation Foundation and Beijing Major Commercialization Program in 2009;

We have been included in “Zhongguancun Top 100 Growing Enterprises” and shortlisted in “Zhongguancun Top 100 Fast-growing Enterprises” more than once;

We were included in the list of “Future Starts of the 21st Century – Top 100 Enterprisers” hosted by China Entrepreneur in 2013 and 2014 respectively;

We have been named Excellent Growing Business of Intelligent Transportation Sector, Top 10 Enterprises of Intelligent Transportation Sector, and China Top 10 e-police Brands;

In June 2013, we won the “Beijing Information & Network Industry Top 30 Business Innovators” award jointly granted by Beijing Informatization Association, Beijing Information and Telecommunication Association, and Beijing Software and Information Services Exchange;

In September 2014, we initiated the Strategic Alliance of Technology Innovation of Image, Video and Big Data Industry and became the council member thereof.